It is important that RI pensioners take note of what is happening here because the RI General Assembly and newbie Treasurer Diossa have not shared anything ( no transparency ever in regards to the RI pension system) either probably because of possible repercussions by raimondo the former capitalist Wall Street treasurer and puppet to John Arnold. She did much damage to pensioners in the first place with her RIRSA 2011 scam passed by the RI GA. The 66,000 pensioners lost thousands of their hard earned pension money when, raimondo wanting to be governor, handed it over to Wall Street for their support, and 12 years later pensioners still are losing money that could have been added to their base to get a higher amount. This new legislation by newbie Diossa to restore the COLA is a slap in the face to the people who never should have lost their pension cola to begin with. And of course the Speaker of the House is a friend and former campaign manager of raimondo so you know he's not interested in giving any of that surplus budget money to the pensions which by law it is supposed to be put in. The unions should be ashamed of themselves as well as the AFT-r president who allowed this to happen. This gig was nothing but a scam that worked.

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How is it possible that teachers in RI along with the union didn't fight back? My colleague and I voted against the pension reform and tried to stop this from passing. Can I still file a suit against the state of RI for breaking their contract with me? I worked for 26 years in RI only to have my pension reduced by 50%.

How is this legal?

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