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Oct 31, 2023·edited Oct 31, 2023

I am proud to have Ted Siedle write on behalf of me being in the RI pension system. And I doubt that Biden is going to win the next election, that is, if he is even the candidate the powers to be will even pick! However as I see it, the unions and the aft-r president supported raimondo and supported RIRSA 2011... The rank and file did not but their leadership did. And as Mr Siedle points out, the transfer of COLA money went to Wall St who supported her and helped her become governor when she broke the contract that state workers & teachers had with the state. I sat down with a counselor as many of us retired people did, and he and I step by step figured out what I would get based on my years of service and then raimondo comes back to RI from being in NY for years and financially screws even those who were already out and collecting their pension that they worked for and was promised. And now I hear her name being thrown around thanks to her Wall St supporters for one, for all sorts of positions should Biden win. How she can sleep at night baffles me with older people who are having difficulty trying to survive in today's economy with high prices post covid. Giving high fees to her investors that was money belonging to pensioners says a lot about her lack of character, doesn't it?

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